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Fiordland National Park, New Zealand
Skippers Canyon 4WD Adventure
The Skippers Road was hacked by hand through solid rock, by men consumed by the lure of gold. Astonishing landscapes; dramatic topography, and the history of human endurance. Hairpin switchbacks reveal every aspect of each indescribable view as well as the triumph of man's will over the elements, as Land Rovers power steadily through, taming the seemingly impassable terrain to the abandoned township of Skippers, deep in the back country. British Automobile Association voted Skippers Canyon Road as one of the 25 most picturesque roads in the world. Some may also recognise spots along the Skippers Road as being featured in The Lord of The Rings.

Otago Peninsula Wildlife Tour
The Royal Albatross is a large seabird from the albatross family. At an average wingspan of around 3 m.
The New Zealand sea lion is the world's rarest sea lion and numbers around 10,000.

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