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Tango is a unique improvisational dance
of spiritual enjoyment, non-verbal communication between two people.
It was born as a dance of singles who were looking for partners.  It is still a dance where people meet each other
for a romance... More
You've always wanted and intended to learn to dance. You like music. You are tired of feeling on the spot when social occasions require dancing. Well then... be Brave, be Bold… Dance! Really! More We offer Argentine Tango lessons and classes, practices (practicas), dances (milongas) and other fun events... Check out our calendar to see what's happening in the local tango scene. More Want to "wow" them with a great first dance? Or maybe you just want to do something besides swaying back and forth. Think you have "two left feet" and dancing is something you only watch on TV? Our Wedding Workshop or private lessons can help! More
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